Wednesday, March 17, 2010


That forever word is a bitch. To be clear, I never said I was leaving this blog forever. But it kind of felt that way. And here I am a mere weeks later??? Who the fuck am I, Brett Favre?

No, but I got what I needed from the hiatus and now I'm ready to lead this blog to the Super Bowl. And I don't care if my old fan base is pissed off about it, I don't care if people think I waffled, I don't care if they think I International-House-of-Pancaked.

In the words of the immortal and sadly unknown rap genius Pimp Fu, "I just don't give a FUck."

I'm going to start with where I'm at right now. After a disastrous trip to the dentist left me unable to eat solid food for about three weeks, I had lost enough weight to want to keep it that way. So I upped my workout regimen considerably. For the past seven weeks I've been a veritable gym rat, doing two upper body workouts, two lower body workouts and continual cardio stints.

Anyone who tells you getting in shape is hard needs to reASSESS. Because it is not hard, it just takes commitment. I promise you, if you work out 4 or 5 times a week for 30 minutes your body will change. And girls, I know you love to think that 45 minutes on a treadmill is a great workout but it doesn't do jack-doodle. 15 minutes of running really fast is way better than a steady 45.

Why have I shifted from books, music and all that esoterica to a rah-rah workout tape?

What can I say. It's just where I'm at.

I'm doing a play. I'm writing a lot. I have many irons in the fire but the thing that is keeping me stoked these days is walking out of the gym with my arms shaking and breathing heavy.

Glad to be back on the pomp.