Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blasted Femur

God can be such a shit. Seriously. Where is the parental intervention? When my kid busts a toy or rips a page out of his book, he gets put in a timeout. This dude summons tidal waves and giggles. Ooh, I'm gonna watch a virus wipe out a whole continent and I'm gonna let superstition and ignorance be the main coping mechanism!

Cause and effect means that somewhere the parents of this God are watching. And doing nothing. Are they celestial heroin addicts? What the hell are they doing while their kid toys with a whole planet?

I used to deny the existence of God but now I feel that we as a race must collectively spank the little shit and send him into his room. If we all meditate on it, I think we can make him cry and shame him into taking a little better care of his toys.

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