Thursday, May 29, 2008

Co Incidents

...standing in line at The Louvre in 1991. The big glass Pyramid was off in the distance and the snake of people stretched all around the giant courtyard. As my parents and I walked along the line to reach the end of it we passed Katie Hodge, our next door neighbor.

...Steven Fain had come to visit me while I lived in France. We went on a trip to Amsterdam, then down to Milan, then Rome, then Venice. As we sat in the train waiting to pull out of Venice to head straight for Marseilles, a voice from the corridor chimed in a Cranston accent, "Are you Sandi Fain's brother?" Phonetically it sounded like "Ah you Seeandi Fain's bvutha?" Leigh Denucci had not seen Steven Fain since she'd been over to play with Sandi when she was twelve. She was going to Bah-celona to visit her boyfviend. Las Vegas for the first time with my cousin. His buddies meet for March Madness and gambling occasionally and he invited me to come along. I was riding up one of the outdoor escalators that get you up and over the streets without waiting for crosswalk lights. Who walks by on street level? My best friend from junior high Brian Records.

...walking along in NYC when Beull Thomas punches me on the shoulder. He'd been the lead singer in a band I was good buddies with in Rhode Island. He'd arrived in NYC that afternoon and was wandering around. I had gotten my haircut and walked out onto the street moments before he punched me. When I say he'd arrived, I mean he still had his backpack and suitcase. He'd literally just moved to NYC. And he ran into me twenty minutes after getting off the bus. I hadn't known he was moving from Little Rhody until I saw him on the street. Yankee Stadium to watch the Sox play the Yankees. Sitting two rows in front of me is an actor I knew in Providence that I did 'True West' with 5 years earlier. 50,000 seats and he's not a Yankee or a Red Sox fan.

...working as a bartender at a wedding in Pasadena. In the middle of the party I run out of something and have to run over to the other bar to get a new bottle. As I stand and wait to talk to the bartender, I overhear him talking with a guest about the Red Sox. I join in. Asked why I am a Red Sox fan I say that I grew up in Rhode Island. The random guest has a cousin in Rhode Island, a cop named Mike. Mike Gama? Yep. I tell him that Mike Gama played drums in my punk band. The guest says, "We always thought he was lying about that."

I haven't asked for comments yet but I'd love to start to compile these impossible occurrences so let me know if you have any in your past!

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